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Powder coating is one of the most sought after finishing techniques for applications found in the railway industry. Similarly to the automotive and aerospace sectors, machinery and other components are subject to harsh weather and other outdoor conditions. Therefore, this can cause corrosion and rapid deterioration. However, powder coating allows for extreme protection and endurance to such effects for railway stations and railroad parts.

As renowned rail industry powder coating suppliers, the team at R&M Powder Coating is exceptionally knowledgeable in the significance of metal protection for major industries today. With over 200 years of experience combined, our specialist procedures are the answer to optimising your railway applications. Continue reading to find out how powder coating can protect the interior and exterior of your railway surfaces.

What Railway Surfaces Can You Powder Coat?

How Do I Choose Powder Coating?

In order to understand whether powder coating is the right solution to protecting and enhancing your railway surfaces, it’s crucial to outline what applications benefit from this method. Trains, rolling stock, internal grab rails, supporting brackets, seating frames, interior/exterior trims and enclosures are the main types of powder coating railroad parts.

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How Does Powder Coating Protect Surfaces?

Interior Surfaces

Powder coating for railway stations also covers components found inside rail vehicles. Internal grab rails, for instance, endure a high volume of wear and tear when in use. The same also applies to seat frames and areas situated near luggage racks. Powder coating these railroad parts ensures that surfaces can withstand extreme levels of use while reducing the fading of colouring. Colour fading is often the consequence of changing temperatures.

Furthermore, metals are susceptible to corrosion, resulting in maintenance and, in extreme cases, replacement of applications. By applying powder coating to these surfaces, you are offered a permanent solution to anti-corrosion and wearing. Due to the chemical bond that takes place during curation, powder coating is irreversible in its effects.

Exterior Surfaces

In terms of exterior powder coating railroad parts, this can refer to trains and rolling stock themselves, as well as trims. Similar to the interior surfaces, exteriors are subject to significant corrosion due to extreme weather and other outdoor factors such as changes in temperatures.

Additionally, both types of surfaces require preservation of aesthetics. This helps maintain a business’s reputation and stay looking professional. Through our powder coating services in Leicester and the rest of the West Midlands, you are given optimal surface quality in both appearance and performance. Therefore, surfaces stay smooth and enhanced in colour, allowing your clients to maintain their notoriety in the rail industry.

Powder Coating From R&M

Here at R&M, we are committed to providing our clients with outstanding results in powder coating. Powder coating for the railway industry is growing in popularity as it implements a long-term solution to protecting metals both interiorly and exteriorly. This way, you are guaranteeing your customers consistent optimum performance and appearance.

For further information on our cost-effective and superior powder coating services, get in touch with us today on 01384898765, and we can discuss your project’s needs further.

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