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Although used commonly in the construction industry, powder coating is sometimes still considered a novelty by some contractors. The construction sector uses liquid coatings after having established a long track record. However metals for construction have in fact been powder coated for over four decades now. In addition, the properties offer just as good a performance (if not better) than liquid paint. The protective coating can be used for a range of surfaces such as: 

  • Aluminium facade profiles and panels
  • Metal ceilings
  • Fencing and railings
  • Lighting units

So with more and more companies turning to powder coating, what actually is it that makes powder coating solutions worth the switch?

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Powder Coat Properties

Essentially the same as liquids but in powder form, the powder coat contains polymers with pigments to provide the colours. It also contains additives to offer specific properties such as textures, soft-feel, or anti-yellowing.

One of the core differences between liquid paint and powder coat is the application itself. Liquid paints are dispersed in water or a solvent, whereas powder coating is in a dry form, and only becomes a liquid through the application of heat. In order to apply a powder coating, the powder is electrostatically charged and then sprayed at the metal components to form a thin layer across them. The curing oven melts the parts and the polymers to form a liquid. The liquid flowers create a smooth film surface and then reacts in order to form a 3-D structure across the surface. After curing and cooling, the result of the process is a tough and durable protective layer for the components.

Keeping Carbon Footprints Low

Waste is minimal in the process as there is no solvent. No emissions are released into the atmosphere and there is no requirement for incinerators. If you are looking for a surface coating solution that keeps your company’s impact on the environment low, powder coating is one of the best options on the market.

Wet Paint Vs Powder Coating

When looking for paint for the construction sector, naturally you will need a paint that is long-lasting, durable and offers properties that keep its components performing well and remaining safe to use. Whilst wet paint can still be durable, it can be unforgiving in certain environments, especially moisture, sunlight and heat. When exposed to these sorts of conditions, over time they can lead to the breakdown of the paint it forming chips and cracks, and eventually deteriorating both in its protection and its aesthetics.

However, as powder coats are applied through electrical charge, and a thick uniform coating is achieved with it, the electrostatic application allows for superior corrosion resistance. As a result, powder coating is much less vulnerable to deterioration. It is also much less likely to crack and peel when compared to wet paint. This is because it has been thermally bonded to the metal during the curing process.

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