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Powder coating is the most recognised process for ensuring that car parts are kept in prime condition. Offering optimum performance, powder coating for auto parts is remarkable for both durability and flexibility. Here at R&M Powder Coating, we are a leading tier one supplier of powder coated parts for the automotive industry in the West Midlands.

With a wealth of experience in the industry, we understand the vital importance of avoiding corrosion, rust and pitting. Powder coating protects and optimises components, allowing for a flawless finish.

In today’s article, we’re going to be outlining the key benefits of powder coating for the automotive industry so that you make the right choice for your project.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is known as the less toxic alternative to paint. As a matchless finishing method, powder coating offers both an impeccable aesthetic, as well as a protective layer. A powder consistency is achieved through polymer resin systems combined with curatives, levelling agents, pigments, flow modifiers, and various additives that are melted, mixed, and cooled.

This powder product is then applied to the metal surface using the ESD process. Electrostatic spray deposition is the name given to the system of administering an electrostatic charge to the powder to connect with the grounded part. This method is finalised when the substrate enters a curing oven that triggers a chemical reaction.

The high-intensity heat accomplishes high cross-link density. Thus, a durable coating that is highly resistant to breakdown, including erosion and rust. Can powder coating be used on plastics? The answer is yes; however, unlike the metal fixtures, plastic is curated using UV rays due to its less robust nature.

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Powder Coating Benefits


As previously mentioned, powder coating is a fantastic finishing method for both metal and plastic substrates and other non-metallic applications. Allowing for consistent quality in all automobile components.

Immaculate Results

What are the results of powder coating? Powder coating automotive parts offers both exquisite durability and flexibility. Subsequently, this dominant surface protectant allows for longevity, resilience and protection against many exposures.

Substrates are guarded against extreme temperatures, environmental effects and imperfections. Making this concept perfect for the automotive industry as vehicles are subject to many complications and surface damages.

Choice Of Finishing

Another fantastic benefit to powder coating is the customisation potential. Powder coatings of automotive parts can be completed in a choice of finishes, including various colours and textures. With the popularity of matte and metallic finishes of vehicles on the rise, powder coating remains sought after.

Environmentally Friendly

With zero harmful VOC’s and thinners for clean-up, powder coating is less impactful to our environment in comparison to traditional paint and coatings. Paints and other clear solutions contain many pollutants, whereas powder coating contains no solvents and a minuscule amount of VOC’s into the air.

Not to mention, powder coating is completely harmless, keeping nose, mouth and throat irritation at a minimum.


Is powder coating affordable? Powder coating for auto parts is cost-effective due to its long-term results. Liquid paint, may last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. Whereas, powder coating can last for decades, even when vehicles are exposed to environmental factors.

Not to mention, powder coating doesn’t require any stringent environmental testing post-application, saving you additional money.

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