The Importance Of Powder Coating In The Medical Industry

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Industries use powder coating, a type of finishing process. As more sectors realise the benefits of protective surface coating, the demand for industrial powder coating services has increased. High quality and durable finish, powder-coating offers the highest levels of surface protection. It also improves product efficiency and is environmentally compliant. Making up over 15% of the industrial finishing market, powder coating can support many different industries from the automotive sector to the architectural sector. Another important sector it supports is the healthcare industry. Antimicrobial powder coating is fantastic for keeping environments clean and safe in medical settings and this blog will explain the importance of powder coating in the medical industry. But first, what is powder coating? Then we will look into Powder Coating In The Medical Industry.

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What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a type of finishing process. It uses polymer resin combined with curatives, levelling agents, pigments, flow modifiers and other additives that are ground together into a powder. Resembling the consistency of flour, the coating is applied using a spray gun through an electrostatic charge. Once applied to the surface of a component, they place it into a curing oven. During the curing process, the coating undergoes a chemical reaction, to produce long molecular chains. The result of the high cross-link density means that the surface is incredibly strong and hard to break down.

Powder Coating In The Healthcare Industry

Antimicrobial powder coating supports the safe and hygienic environments that the healthcare industry requires. With this in mind, powder coating is often used in hospitals, surgical facilities, and dentists to provide protective coatings on the equipment used.

Antimicrobial powder coating can be applied to many different materials such as steel and aluminium. For healthcare settings, it’s commonly used to coat hospital beds, wheelchairs, handrails, lifts, trolleys, and any other metal surfaces that are susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

The Benefits Of Powder Coating For Patients And The Medical Sector

Keeping patients and healthcare environments safe are both top priorities for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Almost every surface in these environments are susceptible to pathogens. However, as they come into contact with humans regularly, it can be extremely difficult to reduce the risk of contamination effectively. Patients who are recovering from certain conditions or have just come out of surgery are very vulnerable to hospital-borne infections. Equipment must be hygienic and as low-risk as possible.

Antimicrobial powder coating creates a strong barrier on a metal surface which prevents the growth of bacteria and pathogens such as E.Coli, MRSA, and Staph – all of which are some of the biggest threats to hospitals and their patients. As the coating is easy to clean and maintain, it’s ideal for keeping equipment sterile. The coating can also provide components with rust and corrosion resistance. Both of which can be risky to patients and staff safety – especially on broken skin.

In addition to the above benefits of antimicrobial powder coating, the protective surface coating is also cost-effective. Being much thicker and more resistant than liquid coatings, it’s less likely to crack and chip and has a much longer lifespan. Its longevity is very beneficial for protecting medical equipment. It reduces costs that come as a result of replacements and repairs.

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