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To achieve the right aesthetics and protection for your product, choosing the right surface finish is everything. Here at RM Powder Coating, as one of the leading providers of powder coating in Birmingham, we know a lot when it comes to protective surface coatings. We powder coat components for a wealth of different sectors. Our unmatched quality and unbeatable service means that we have built up a fantastic reputation and portfolio of clients over the years.

There are many different types of surface finishings on the market. So, if you’re looking for one yourself, it’s likely that you will have heard of a few. While both are a popular choice, in this blog we are discussing the difference between e-coating vs powder coating.

Choosing The Right Coating

When it comes to choosing the right coating, there’s many aspects to consider. From efficiency and price, through to the actual properties and protection that the coatings can provide. Each coating will provide you with a set of advantages and disadvantages to bear in mind.

Are E-Coating And Powder Coating The Same? 

Powder coating and e-coating are not the same. Whilst they are both finishing processes that use electrical currents to create a cured and uniform coating, they have many differences. Understanding the difference between both surface coatings will allow you to determine which finish is best for your material.

E-Coating: The Basics & Benefits 

What Is E-Coating?

The start of the e-coating process starts with a pre-treatment to make sure the surface is clean and free from any dirt or residue. To apply the paint, the component is dipped into a tank of e-coat paint. The paint adheres to the surface as a result of electrochemical oxidation. In order for the paint to set, the component is baked in a special oven. The result of this is a strong and corrosion-resistant coating that can last for over a decade.

What Are The Benefits Of E-Coating?

There are many benefits to e-coating (often known as electro coating). A layer of e-coat paint offers much more resistance to scratches and general wear and tear than traditional wet paint. As a result, its aesthetically pleasing finish is easy to maintain. As the components are submerged into the tank of e-coat paint, the paint can often go on in a much more uniform manner. In fact, the submersion means that hard-to-reach areas can be fully covered easily.

E-coating is also quite cost-efficient due to the fact that any excess paint is recoverable, and therefore there is minimal wastage. The process can also be performed in large batches and uses very little manual labour.

Powder Coating: Why Is It The Unmatched Choice?

What Is Powder Coating? 

Powder coating is different from e-coating firstly because it uses a dry powder as opposed to a wet paint. This powder contains resins and curing agents that allow for a highly protective finish. Electrostatic energy is in use to force the epoxy particles onto the surface. These particles are charged and then will adhere to the surface. The surface is then cured which causes the particles to melt and provide a quality finish. This is not only decorative, but also protects the surface against extreme temperatures, corrosion, and bleaching.

What Are The Benefits Of Powder Coating? 

Powder coating delivers a much more durable and sustainable coating than most other coatings. This makes it especially desirable for industrial and commercial applications. It provides a superb hardness, increased humidity resistance, and fantastic protection against UV rays.

When it comes to aesthetics, durability, and sustainability of coating, powder coating delivers a harder finish. For industry and commercial use, this can be highly desirable. Due to the application and curing, powder coating gives a finish of unmatched weather-ability, superb hardness, increased humidity resistance, improved gloss retention, and better protection against UV rays.

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If you are looking for powder coating services in Birmingham, then here at R&M Powder Coating, we can help. Powder coating is perfect if you are looking for enhanced protection against corrosion, along with a long-lasting durable finish. As leading powder coatings, we can work with both small and large projects, and offer the same unbeatable quality every time. Explore our website for more information, or call 01384898765 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

If you have found this blog on e coating vs powder coating helpful, then you may wish to read our previous blog: The Benefits Of Powder Coating Home Appliances. 

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